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Secure bonded payment, usually requested ahead of air cargo delivery.

As a brief history, cargo started working mainly with the oil and gas industry in the US, dealing with the transportation of oil-field equipment, often oversized, to remove oilfield regions in Midwest and the Southern states, such as Texas.

Even writing a single letter to a politician can add to the growing weight of public opinion and lead to pressure for change. Eventually the pressure can be enough to tip the balance. This is how ordinary people can and have changed the world.

The extremely demanding nature of this type of business (eg, poor or non-existent communications, severe weather conditions and lack of infrastructure) enabled cargo to develop the skills necessary to survive and develop into a leading specialist freight forwarder in the American market.

From this, the company build up a range of general freight forwarding services and was able to deal with a much broader compulsory liquidation client base.

Challenging the established way of doing things or taking on a local authority, or even a government department, can seem daunting or unrealistic. But campaigning, even by individuals, does work, not usually overnight but quite often in the longer term.


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